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Friday Favorites

Favorite Planner:


Photo Courtesy of EAB Designs

“Last semester, I’d been eyeing this adorable 2014 Kate Spade planner dolled up in metallic gold polka dots, pink pages and witty sayings throughout. One day, I walked into the store without intentions of purchasing it; but when I saw it, I knew I needed it. So far, I can say my year has started off in a fabulously organized manner! If life is hectic, why not reduce some of the stress by arranging your tasks like a true style icon?” -Tamara

Favorite Purse:


Photo Courtesy of Ann Taylor

“I am loving these fold-over two-toned purses for spring. They combine the comfort of a crossbody bag with the elegance of a purse perfect for work or evening wear. And the range of colors, prices and sizes means lots of options.” -Audrey

Favorite Skirt:


Photo Courtesy of PopSugar

“Lately, I’ve been seeing celebrities rock below-the-knee, high-waisted skirts. Those of us, like me, that are barely 5 feet tall, might tend to stray from fashion trends that make us look even shorter. Nikki Reed (5’5) shows us that we can and should try out this trend, as it accentuates the waist and hugs the hips! What more could a girl, no matter what shape or size, ask for?” -Stacia


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