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Friday Favorites

Favorite Leg Accessory:


Photo Courtesy of H&M

“Tis’ the season to wear tights. Tights are a hot item for the cold weather, especially patterned tights. They are an inexpensive way to dress up an outfit and stay warm. And they make for a good stocking stuffer!” -Audrey

Favorite Jean:


Photo Courtesy of American Eagle

“I’m sure I share the same frustration with all women in finding the perfect pair of jeans that are low rise, but not too low and form fitting, but not too tight to have to “hold it in.” During my Black Friday excursion, I purchased a pair of these Skinny Kick jeans from American Eagle that I shamelessly wear at least 3-4 times a week. They’re my go-to casual jeans with a little “kick” at the end, creating a smooth line to make your legs look longer.” -Tamara

Favorite Look of the Week:


Photo Courtesy of

“With gorgeous men and sexy accents, I am all about British pride. This week, I was also all about Taylor Swift’s England-inspired look at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. No explanation needed – work it, girl!” -Stacia


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