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Friday Favorites

Favorite Pattern:


Photo Courtesy of Ann Taylor

“I love polka dots! And even I didn’t know that polka dots on polka dots could be so cute. This Ann Taylor look is sophisticated enough for a day at work, but the polka dots give it a whimsical flair. It’s a great idea for us college interns. We can look sophisticated while still keeping an element of youth.” -Audrey

Favorite Hair Accessory:


Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

“This week I’ve had a fetish for these headwraps from Urban Outfitters- I’ve worn one everyday…They’re perfect for days when your bangs won’t lay just right or when you want to soften up an edgier outfit. Could there be a better way to top off your favorite outfit?” -Tamara

Favorite Online Series:


Photo Courtesy of Glamour

“For the last few weeks, I have been addicted to watching Glamour’s Dress to Kill competition on YouTube with host Whitney Port. Two stylists face a different challenge each week – this week was dressing the models in a look that would get them noticed while incorporating neon. The winning stylist will become a stylist for Glamour Magazine! So jealous, and so fun to watch.” -Stacia

Check out the series here!


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