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Friday Favorites

Favorite Fashion Photographer: 


Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

“Riding on his bike around New York City, 84-year-old  Bill Cunningham captures the true meaning of fashion in the style section of The New York Times. His passion, dedication, perspective and talent make for the most interesting and meaningful take on street style fashion, at least in my opinion! Not only does he write about street style, but he also puts together fantastic videos of the fashions he sees around the city. I first learned about him through a documentary based on his life, Bill Cunningham New York, and wish I had heard of him sooner! Make sure to check out his section next time you read the The New York Times or discover his creativity online here!” -Tamara

Favorite Gift Idea:


Photo Courtesy of Glamour

“Glamour Magazine put this lipstick holder in its list of chic holiday gift ideas. So cute, so vintage and so practical! It’s simple beauty makes it a great piece of bathroom décor in addition to a practical beauty buy. I think I’ll get this for my mom — she needs a place to put all those lipsticks!” -Audrey

Favorite Vintage-Inspired Look:

Photo Courtesy of E! Online

“I am a fan of vintage, and I am a fan of the 50s. Therefore, I am a fan of this look. Vanessa Hudgens accessorized this adorable decade dress with sparkly shoes and accessories, and great hair. Well done, girl!” -Stacia

Favorite Look:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“The pencil skirt might just be my new best “trend.” Elegant. Sophisticated. Classy. There’s no other way to describe this body-hugging, yet professional look.  Paired with either a sexy or conservative heel, this style makes for a stellar outfit.” –Alexa


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