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Friday Favorites

Favorite Winter Pairing:


Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom

“Now that the weather has cooled off, I am so excited to be able to wear sweaters with skirts. It’s cute, comfortable and an easy way to dress up in the winter. And it means I can wear my cute skirts and dresses even after summer is over. It’s just a plus that the pairing was a hot look for fall at New York Fashion Week.” -Audrey

Favorite Halloween Costume Idea:

“Dressing up as an emoji is something I have never heard of or even thought of before! I thought this costume was really clever for best friends or roommates. Definitely might have to do this next year!” -Stacia


Photo Courtesy of Imgur

Favorite Notebook:

Photo Courtesy of Shoppe

“What does the fox say? This whimsical journal might have uncovered this question! Although the world doesn’t have a clear answer as to what noise the fox makes, he sure makes for an adorable notepad that holds all of your thoughts.” -Tamara

You can purchase a set of 3 notebooks here!

Favorite Fall Trend – Boot Socks:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“It’s official! The weather in Phoenix is now just a tad bit chilly in the mornings. It’s time to whip out your favorite pair of boots but not without considering the ‘boot sock.’ Purchase a pair of these unique boot accessories to spice up your fall fashions.” -Alexa


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