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Friday Favorites

Favorite Life-Saver:


Photo Courtesy of Matchbook Magazine

We’ve all done it. At one point in your life, you’ve been talking to someone about fashion designers and completely butchered the names. While someone who isn’t familiar with the fashion world would not notice this fashion mishap, it’s essential that you know how to correctly say these designer names. That way, if you’re using the name in everyday conversations or possibly interviewing them someday, you save yourself a lot of embarrassment…if only there were a full fashion bible!

Favorite Fashion Dictionary:


Photo Courtesy of Sew Well

I came pretty close to finding that fashion bible mentioned above. Fashionistas, I introduce to you the “Fashion A-Z: An Illustrated Mini Dictionary” by Alex Newman and Shariff Zakee. You can find this little gem on for just $12. With over 2,000 entries, “Fashion A-Z” gives you the definitions of any fashion-related question you might have. This book is basically the AP Style handbook equivalent for fashion journalists!

Favorite Television Show Style:


Photo Courtesy of WWDZW?

I have been watching quite a bit of New Girl recently. My favorite part of the show is Zooey Deschanel’s wardrobe, especially her coats. It’s not surprising that most of her adorable and colorful coats are Kate Spade. Looking forward to winter so I can bring out some jackets of my own!

Favorite Easy-to-Do Look:


Photo Courtesy of ElfSacks

There’s nothing better than pulling off the cutest look with the simplest of pairings. Jeans and a uniquely patterned sweater make for a very chic look. The baby pink color against the dark wash jeans in the photo above look both stylish and comfy. Even more convenient for us ladies, this outfit might be one of the easiest to replicate without breaking the bank!


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