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Friday Favorites!

Favorite Quote:


Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

Coco Chanel is the queen of quotes! I came across this (very accurate) one earlier this week and it made me smile. Hope it does the same for you!

Favorite Functional Item:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

I recently updated my everyday bag to a simple, side-bow accented backpack that also serves as a comfortable, yet chic tote to carry on the go!  Not only is it great for books, but it also easily fits my laptop for professional purposes. It was drool at first sight upon seeing this adorable backpack with perfectly placed accents and a gold bow to top off it’s effortlessly stylish flair.

Favorite Accessory:


Photo Courtesy of Vogue

This week, Vogue did a photo slideshow of necklace charms. I loved these cute and charming (pardon the pun) necklaces. As a fan of simple and delicate jewelry, I am so glad to see this new trend, and I’m excited to start shopping for some charm necklaces!

Favorite Look:


Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Want to wear comfy but chic styles in the fall months? Consider black leather skinnies and baggy sweaters as your go-to pieces! These items make for a stylish and sophisticated fall outfit that can be worn any time of the day.

Love, The Girls Behind The Chic Daily


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