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Friday Favorites!

“Friday Favorites” is new this year to The Chic Daily! Our officers wanted to share with you a few of our personal favorite videos, pictures or fashion-related things that we see each week. Hope you enjoy!

Favorite Look:

I am obsessed with this look for multiple reasons. The emerald green skirt looks so chic and makes a huge statement, and not just because it is in my favorite fall color this year. I love that it is paired with a black long-sleeved crop, also a huge trend right now, to show some skin. The added details, such as the cheetah print heels and layered necklace make the entire look eye-catching and elegant. I am obsessed!


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Favorite Brand:

I went to Fashion Square Mall this week and lusted over the Kate Spade store. She is my favorite designer, so of course, I was excited to see what she had in store for fall. I’m very excited for leopard print this season, and that collars are still in. I thought this dress was so cute! If only I had $400 to buy it…

Photo Courtesy of Kate Spade

Favorite Collection:

It’s time for some fashion games! With the premiere of the anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games,Catching Fire, quickly approaching on November 22, CoverGirl released the Catching Fire Capitol Collection on Tuesday, the same day advanced tickets for the show went on sale. You’ll surely be the girl on fire at the showing with 28 diverse options and 12 district-inspired looks to choose from.


Photo Courtesy of Teen Vogue

Favorite Pairing:

Before you grab that oversized comfy sweater, know that there is still a way to maintain a chic look during the fall and winter months! With a simple long-sleeved collared shirt and a mini sweater to throw on over the top, you can maintain style and comfort. The neon yellow hue of the shirt adds just the right amount of color when paired with ultra black leggings.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest


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