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Friday Favorites

Favorite Decor:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“Sometimes Pinterest can be the best method of inspiration for me. This week I came across this very elegant looking shelf arrangement as I was browsing through pins. I love the way all the colors on this wall compliment each other so nicely, and since I will be moving into my own apartment next school year I figure that it’s never too early to begin looking around for the perfect decorations. Although the toothbrush and toothpaste make it seem like this arrangement is for a bathroom area, something like this would be perfect anywhere in the house. This makes me just so excited to decorate next year!” -Samantha

Favorite Ad:

See video here.

“I just saw this on Twitter and I was so inspired. It was featured on The Cut and The New York Times Magazine, all because it was an Under Armour Ad…featuring supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She is the first non-professional athlete to star in an Under Armour Ad. Watch her ignore the haters and show off her kickboxing skills. Prepare to be inspired, happy watching!” -Alyssa

Favorite Jeans:


Photo Courtesy of Browns

“I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I don’t own a single pair of jeans. I dislike skinny jeans because finding a pair that my big butt can squeeze into is a seemingly impossible task, and I don’t usually have any love for boyfriend jeans because they’re too casual for my taste. I had never discovered a pair that really spoke to me, until I saw these from Tu es Mon Tresor. They combine a relaxed, comfortable fit with a chic pearl embellishment—perfect!” -Persephone

Favorite Celebrity Hair Transformation:

FF sept 3

Photo Courtesy of Elle

“This is proof that Emma Stone can do no wrong. A lot of celebrities have been changing up their hairstyles lately, but Stone’s is on the top of my list. With her fiery red hair, she already turns heads, but now her new shorter ‘do shows off her neck and shoulders. Stone made a bold choice changing it up with a bob. I love how choppy it is, and her side swept bangs compliment the shorter length perfectly.” -Madison


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