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Friday Favorites

Favorite Summer Look:


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

“I love dressing comfortably in the summer, and my favorite color to wear is black, so it makes sense that I fell in love with this look when I saw it on Pinterest. The simple black dress is accessorized perfectly with those amazing gladiator sandals and round sunglasses. This look definitely gives me some summer outfit inspiration and it’s a perfect replacement for the common floral summer sundress!” -Samantha

Favorite Eyeshadow Palette:


Photo Courtesy of Glamour-Zine

“I just found this eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay and think it’s adorable! Perfect for summer and there’s a wide array of colors to mix and match! Happy experimenting with the most loved shades from Urban Decay!” -Alyssa

Favorite Outerwear:


Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

“I recently became obsessed with the notion of wearing a cloak. Yes, that’s right, a cloak. Perhaps I’ve been spending too much time watching my boyfriend play fantasy video games. I scoured the internet for a modern take on the Medieval staple, and after sifting through dozens of the Dracula-esque, I think I’ve found it. The modest brown hue, shortened length and smart pairing make this cloak socially acceptable to wear even today.” -Persephone

Favorite Met Gala Look: 


Photo Courtesy of Popsugar

 “Blake Lively is my fashion icon. She always looks classy and sophisticated. This Gucci dress hugs her curves perfectly and shows just the right amount of skin. I love that she did retro waves to complete the look. Ryan looks handsome as like always in his blue-velvet tuxedo by Gucci. It’s daring and I love that he took a risk. This duo was definitely high up on my best-dressed list from the Met Gala 2014.” -Madison


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