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From fall to fresh: Saving your season favs

By Kyley Schultz

Spring break is coming up hot, which means that while your bathing suits may be looking better than ever, your wallet probably isn’t. It’s hard to not want to splurge when you see the freshest collections from New York Fashion Week (thanks, Marc Jacobs!).

But who says you need tons of cash to revamp your wardrobe? I set out this week to find the best ways to spring into warmer weather with fall fashion staples!

While Phoenix is known for its beautiful winters that make any city jealous, this time of year can be a bit confusing; jackets are needed but not throughout the entire day. Instead of lugging around a heavy winter top coat, trade it in for a staple denim jacket. It adds the right amount of flair and is a light enough cover. Throw on a floral dress, and voila – spring perfection.


Just because winter is fading does not mean you need to tuck flannels away for good. A flannel provides coverage for brisk mornings and is stylish enough to wrap around your waist come warmer afternoons. Matching yours with solids, such as tees and dresses, is a great way of adding a pop of color to your look.


One of the most annoying aspects of transitioning to spring is footwear; sandals are a sure shot at frozen toes, but huge boots seem to overwhelm us. Feet should fear not, though.

Boots are always in style, and spring is no exception! My current favorites are the Hunter Rain Boots- even if there are no severe weather conditions. They come in a ton of fun colors and are comfy enough to wear all day long.


If you aren’t a huge rain boot fan, black knee-highs are all the rage this season and can amp up any casual outfit. Match riding boots with knee-high socks and your favorite skirt to extend their wear, and face no problem with any difficult weather. They are also acceptable night-out attire.


Last but not least, cardigans are your best friend! Whether over a dress, a skirt and tank, or even some black leggings, cardigans not only keep you cozy but also keep you cute. Tuck in your winter sweater to a polished denim skirt to get all-year use.


Just because a new season is fast approaching doesn’t mean you need to throw winter clothes to the back of your wardrobe just yet. Rather, save some spending money by reusing winter basics to mix and match until summer.


Photos from Christies Closet


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