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Gaining a Social Media Impact

By Kaylin King 

“Social media is not about the exploitation of technology

but a service to the community.”

-Simin Mainwaring

Being a millennial probably means social media has a prominence in your daily life. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest…Tinder…more than 12 million Americans are using social networking many times daily, according to convinceandconvert.

What a lot of people don’t understand are the opportunities social media platforms provide. Connecting comes with marketing and networking, a perfect opportunity to easily impact a group of people from your virtual thrown. Here are some common characteristics and trends I see from social media accounts and the users behind them.


1) Promote your social presence everywhere.


Twitter: @kingxkaylin

And by everywhere, I mean everywhere, “On various pages of your website, on your blog, on signage in your storefront (if you’re a local business), in print advertising, on your business cards, in your email marketing messages.” — Lindsay Kolowich | @lkolo25

If you make it easy for your reader to follow you, they probably will.

2) Look at the content that drives interaction.

A lot of twitter users don’t know about the ‘tweet activity’ feature on twitters desktop site. Here, you can see your top tweets, how many impressions it made, and how many total engagements (profile clicks from the tweet) it got. You can use this to see which tweets of yours got the most attention then tweet more like that.

Do your followers really like your tweets about cats?

3)  Tie in blog posts

“Use your social-media platforms to drive greater traffic to your blog and your website. Offer a teaser, a graphic from the post that’s sure to catch your customers’ attention or a question that will require your customers to read the entire post. Not only will this draw more in-depth interaction to your social media platforms, but it will also increase traffic to your blog. And don’t be afraid to put a bit of budget behind your content. You’ll be shocked at what can be accomplished with very little money.” -Mike Templeman, Writer and Entrepreneur

4) Establish a trademark or aesthetic


Instagram: @kaylinking

A trademark can be anything, really. A theme to your posts, wording, layout, or a color scheme will link your account to whichever branding you chose, then your audience will always associate your account with something similar in the real world. If all your Instagram photos are in the same color scheme, when a follower sees something similar, they’ll think of your account.


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