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Game Day DIY

By Hannah Reim

So, it’s two football games into the season and you’ve worn the same gold t-shirt both times. You’re worried people are catching on to your secret- you’re just as broke as the rest of us! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We unfortunately can’t give you new shirts, but these simple designs will make people think we did! Spice up those boring school handouts with these awesome DIYs. Like most students, I am sure you have many free cotton t-shirts available for this project. All of these designs are no-sew, and should be easy for even the most anti-crafts student. Let’s get started!


  1. Scissors

  2. Pencil or marking tool

  3. Music for jamming

*Try this great playlist by alisha_352 on 8tracks! Design #1-

  1. Draw inverted triangles that follow along the shirt collar and then go diagonally out towards the sleeves

TIP*- the larger the angle between the collar and sleeves, the more your shoulders will show!

  1. Cut along the lines, and that’s it! Super super easy! The shirt is still full length, and the open shoulder is very small.

  2. If you want to crop the shirt, simply use a ruler to make a line and cut straight across the bottom of the shirt!

  3. After I cropped the shirt, I widened the cuts on the shoulders to show some more skin. Totally up to preference on that, so feel free to adjust the shirt any way you like!

Design #2-


TIP*- If you have a white pencil, it may help you see the lines better than the black sharpie I used!

  1. Start by removing the sleeves. Simply cut along the seams, making sure you cut on the side closer to the body of the shirt so that you are removing the seams when you take away the fabric.

  2. Turn the shirt over and crop the back by taking a ruler and cutting straight across. Remember, try the shirt on and mark how long you want it before you cut! Also, always cut a little bit longer than you think you want. You can shorten it more, but once you cut too far, you are stuck with that length!

4       Flip the shirt back over to the front. Draw a line straight up the middle, stopping at the same length as you cropped the back. Next, draw diagonal lines from the bottom of the middle out to the sides. The diagonal lines should meet with the cropped back of the shirt on the side!

  1. Cut along the lines, and your game-day shirt is done! This design is super cute, and perfect for the Arizona weather. I love to wear it with high waisted jean shorts!

Design #3-

  1. Map out the design pictured in Step 1. It includes 6 rectangular shapes in a crescent around the shirt collar. The pencil markings are light, but don’t miss the triangles on the sleeves!

TIP*- Start a bit smaller with the cutouts than you may think! I ended up making mine bigger between the mapping step and the finished look pictures, but make little adjustments to ensure you don’t cut too big.

  1. Cut out the design and try the shirt on. Make adjustments as you see fit. I left the shirt full length, but it can be easily cropped as well.

  2. Done! This shirt is sure to stand out at games! Be prepared though, your whole hall might want you to teach them how to do it too! Now get out to the stadium, and Go Devils!


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