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Game Day Hair and Makeup Tips!

When going to a sporting event there is always that one pesky question: How should I do my hair and makeup? You want to look cute, but what happens if you sweat or your hairspray doesn’t last? Here are some tips that will solve these problems!

You can do the plain and simple look. Less is more sometimes. Putting your hair in a high ponytail is great because you won’t get so hot at the games. Throw your hair in a pony and top it off with a bow for a cute look without a lot of effort!


Photo Courtesy of Gal Meets Glam

If you want to do more than just throw your hair up, you can get creative with your makeup. Glittery eye shadow works for any sporting event. Some gold glitter is easy to apply but gives the appearance that you spent a lot of time on your makeup.


Photo Courtesy of Instagram

I know when I am going to any sporting event, I want my make up to look themed. So have fun and go all out! If the team has a certain color like red, put some red lipstick on to make your makeup pop. Or buy colored glitter to put not only on your eyes, but also, on your lips. You could always add cute tattoos to your face or eye-black strips just like football players. Just have fun with it, and experiment the day before so that you’re ready on game day.


Photo Courtesy of Yandy


Photo Courtesy of Kassey Frazier


Photo Courtesy of Examiner

By: Kassey Frazier


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