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Get Ready to Rave with Us

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

By Anna Montoya and Shi Bradley

The PHXLIGHTS Fest is back for its 2023 “Among The Stars” music festival. Preparing for your music festival experience can be difficult regardless of if you’re a veteran or first-timer. Read along as we guide you through your most needed essentials before this highly anticipated weekend.

When prepping for a music festival, it is important that not only you look great, but feel great as well. When planning your days at PHXLIGHTS make sure to add these items to your bag:

Your first choice for a bag should be a camelbak. These bags will keep your water secure and out of the way while you dance your life away. Make sure to always include a small first aid kit, chapstick, hair ties, liquid IVs and most importantly a portable charger — never let your battery stop you from capturing the most memorable moments.

If you’re looking for items for personal entertainment and ways to connect with others, make sure to have a light-up neon accessory which will immediately make you stand out in any crowd. Neon gloves and fiber optic whips are the most common within music festival crowds.

Always remember that when attending a rave/music festival (like PHXLIGHTS Fest) there are actions and accessories that can help you integrate within the rave community. Bring your kandi bracelets and make new friends as you show peace, love, unity and respect (PLUR) with one another.

PHXLIGHTS has a strict clear bag policy, which is defined as “ fully clear or colored clear plastic, vinyl, or mesh bag,” with the only exception being camelbaks. There is a size limit for bags when entering the music festival, so double check your bag size with the guided measurements on the website to avoid problems during your security check. Be sure to not bring any outside food or beverages and only pack the items listed as “OK” on the bottom of the PHXLIGHTS website.

Of course, raves are known for crowds of people in fierce outfits complete with extravagant makeup looks and accessories.. A go-to rave look for many people typically includes some combination of bright colors, mesh and fishnet accessories, and sparkly or shiny outfit pieces.

If you want to do makeup, a rave is the perfect opportunity to let loose and let your creative juices flow. Explore funky eyeshadow palettes, try out bold lip colors, do a new, crazy eyeliner look. If you want to experiment with face jewels and paint, go for it! There’s no better chance to express yourself through makeup and wear something you wouldn’t normally.

However, the most important thing for an outfit for a rave, more than wearing a certain color combination or eye look, is to make sure you’re in clothes that are comfortable, both physically and mentally. Physically, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes fit for standing for hours. If you have longer hair, wearing it in a cute but pulled back way such as space buns or braids may be convenient for the long night of dancing.

Mentally, make sure that you are comfortable in your fit for the night. If bright colors and sparkles aren’t your thing and you’d rather be wearing a hoodie and sweats, go for it! The important thing is that your outfit feels like you and helps you fully enjoy the experience.


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