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Get the Look: ‘Babylon’ Holiday Style Guide

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Morgan Cole – Photos by Paramount Pictures

If you’re in desperate need of holiday style inspo, look no further than Paramount Pictures’ new movie, “Babylon.” The film stars Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie and Diego Calva, and it is set in Hollywood in the 1920s. The fashion in this film showcases the glamor and luxury of classic Hollywood style, which is the perfect inspiration for holiday party looks this season. Whether it be for Christmas, New Years, or any other holiday that you’re celebrating, here are my top five looks for any holiday occasion, inspired by “Babylon.”

  1. The classic red dress

Nothing screams “holiday” like the color red. And nothing screams “classy” and “elegance” like a classic red cocktail dress. If you’re going for Robbie’s look in the movie, make it a halter plunging neck and backless. Lastly, pair it with your natural hair or natural-looking curls and a dark lip to complete this “Babylon” inspired look that is perfect for any type of holiday party.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

  1. Colorful two piece

If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate over the holiday season, then you should take advantage of this and wear a two-piece matching set – bonus points if it’s colorful. However, even if you live in a colder climate (which is still great because there’s nothing more special than a white Christmas), you can pair a two-piece set with a long trench coat and still achieve the perfect holiday look.

Photo Credit: Scott Garfield

  1. Old Hollywood princess gloves

The Audrey-Hepburn-style old Hollywood princess gloves are coming back in style. Perfect for any holiday-themed occasion, these gloves are paired best with black attire. Whether it be a black dress, or a more masculine black pantsuit as seen in “Babylon,” white princess gloves are a staple this holiday season.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

  1. Shimmer and glimmer

No matter what look you choose for your holiday gatherings this year, you need to incorporate shimmer and glimmer at least somewhere in your outfit. A matte look can be classy for Christmas-themed parties, especially if it’s matte red, but any New Year’s Eve celebrations need to shine. New Year’s Eve is the one night of the year where you can get away with wearing sparkles from head-to-toe and no one will question you. The easiest look for this occasion is a sparkly dress, similar to the one that Robbie is wearing below.

Photo Credit: Scott Garfield

  1. Velvet green dress

This look is only loosely inspired by “Babylon,” as Robbie doesn’t technically wear a velvet green dress in the film. She does, however, wear a beautiful green off-the-shoulder dress with matching green heels. With that being said, velvet dresses, especially green ones, are a holiday staple; the dress seen below is a perfect example. This look can be dressed up or down depending on what type of event you’re attending. If it’s more casual, you could pair them with converse and make it a tomboy look. Or, if the event is more formal, you can pair the dress with heels, a nice necklace or pearls, and maybe even throw your hair into an updo. Either way, this look is perfect for all holiday occasions.

“Babylon” hits theatres Friday, Dec. 23. For more information on the film, watch the trailer here.


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