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Girls like Boys (Clothes!)

By: MacKinley Lutes-Adlhoch

I’ve found that the most convenient thing about living in a dorm is the expansion of my closet.  And no, I am definitely not talking about more closet space, (we all struggle with fitting our clothes in our tiny allotted closets), I am talking about being able to so easily borrow clothes from friends.  The daily hassle of trying to figure out what to wear is made a million times easier when the person next door has a closet to steal from.  Next time you go to borrow from a friend, knock on a boy’s door.  Wearing men’s clothing can add a fun and unique twist to your style.  Here are some looks I put together to inspire you to steal from your best guy friend.

Look #1


This first outfit is as simple as it gets.  Almost every boy in the world has an oversized concert tee.  This Drake Summer Sixteen Tour shirt thrown over a pair of cut off Levi’s exudes a care-free attitude.  I laced up my black high-top Chucks and added a velvet black choker around my neck.  Style it up or style it down, a staple concert tee can go a long way.

Look #2


Another insanely easy look to pull off with men’s clothing is the classic t-shirt and jeans. Rolling up the sleeves gives an edge to this men’s Supreme top that nicely pairs with the ripped and cuffed skinny light-washed jeans from Topshop.  I put half my hair up to add some texture to the look and wore some round sunnies for a cool vibe.  Black slip-on Vans finish up the style perfectly.

Look #3


The big sweatshirt is no doubt the most frequently stolen item from a guy’s closet.  This vintage Arizona State pullover could be a statement piece on game day or a cozy substitute for pajamas. Paired with cut off Levi’s and low-top grey Converse, this sweatshirt is comfortable and so easy to wear.  For an extra pop of color, I added a cute maroon bow choker from Forever 21.

Look #4


In this last look, I took a vintage fleece-lined denim jacket and dressed it up a bit.  I rolled up the sleeves and threw it over a delicately-patterned Brandy Melville rust tank dress.  Finishing the outfit with faux-suede camel-colored chunky heels from Target emanates the 70’s.


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