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Going for “Greenery”: Pantone’s New Color of the Year

By Mariah Bates

As 2016 has run its course and 2017 has finally arrived, we now find ourselves surrounded by all things new. There will be new businesses and new places to shop, you might be fortunate enough to make new friends, you can travel to new places and see new things. This year will bring new styles, new music, new experiences, and – in case you didn’t know – a new color of the year.

Pantone, the well-known color corporation, marks the beginning of every new year with a new color. It’s something to look forward to, something to style and something to inspire your personal décor. The color of the year gives every color-conscious being another thing to consider when going shopping, getting dressed and getting a manicure. 2015’s color was “marsala”, a mesmerizingly deep cranberry-ish color, 2016’s was both “rose quartz” and “serenity”, delicate tones of pink and blue, and the much anticipated color of 2017 is called “greenery”, a vibrant mixture of yellow and dark green.


This color is so perfect for the new year. It inspires growth and life- everything people look forward to in the new year. It’s refreshing, mature and familiar all at the same time. Pantone’s color, “greenery”, surrounds us in our everyday lives. The color experts at Pantone must have wanted to ensure it didn’t go unnoticed in the new year. The color is organic and so strong, and looking at it simply makes you feel alive. The possibilities of this color are endless. “Greenery” could be everywhere in spring, it could in summer, it could simply compliment a variety of outfits, while when the weather turns colder it could be the very basis of your look. In 2017, how many brides will float down the aisle with “greenery” color bouquets? How many tables will have “greenery” tainted centerpieces? And, just how many of you will make “greenery” your color of choice?

In this new year, take note of the simplicity and beauty of “greenery.” You’ll have all year with it on your side. Let it inspire you, let it grow you. The vibrancy of this color is so totally complete that it could adorn any part of you look or interior design all by itself. “Greenery” is the perfect color to support all the change that is sure to be brought about this year. So, do not let the excitement of 2017 slip by without giving “greenery” the attention this color so clearly deserves.


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