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Goodbye summer, hello fall!

By: Amber Godbehere

Yes that’s correct! The season of fall officially started on September 22 and will not end until December 22, providing us with three months of everyone’s fall favorites. These fall favorites include (but not limited to) pumpkins, autumn leaves, pumpkin spice drinks, holidays, changes in weather and fashion, and sorts of fun fall events.

The two major accessories of fall are pumpkins and autumn leaves, which can be found almost anywhere during this season, from trees to stores. Pumpkins are in everything from foods and drinks to decorations. The popular pumpkin foods include pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds. Something on everyone’s fall bucket list is visiting a pumpkin patch, where you can select pumpkins and take the most colorful fall photograph. Autumn leaves also help create the perfect fall photograph.

Pumpkins are also known for being an ingredient to many favorite coffee drinks during this season, especially the pumpkin spice latte. The pumpkin spice latte is sold at Starbucks and many other coffee shops during the fall and winter seasons. This year, Starbucks released the pumpkin spice drinks on August 28, the earliest launch ever, which thrilled many pumpkin spice lovers. One of my personal favorites of the pumpkin spice drink is Starbucks pumpkin spice chai latte.

Fashion is another part of the transition from summer to fall because of the weather cooling down and preparing for winter. Since the weather will be getting colder, it is important to dress warm to keep yourself cozy with clothes that cover your body. Some of these fall clothes include: boots, sweaters, pants, fuzzy socks, etc. Many women and men have been able to turn these fashion necessities into fashionable outfits. Your fall fashion is also determined by where you live, as some places are colder than others during this season.

Other things on people’s fall bucket lists are attending harvest festivals, hay rides, visiting farmers markets, going to bonfires and eating s’mores, picking apples from trees, making caramel apples and going on scenic walks to enjoy the crisp air of fall. Fall scented candles are also big during this season to help bring fall to life inside your home or office. Because really, who doesn’t love the smell of fall?

The season of fall includes many favorite holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, preparing for the Christmas holiday, as well as many other religion’s important holidays.

Now that summer is over, there are so many things to do during this fall season and many yummy pumpkin treats to enjoy. Creating a fall bucket lists is one way to help ensure that you take full advantage of this amazing season. Enjoy the cooler weather and changing colors of this fall.

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