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Gorgeous, Guilt-Free Products

Millions of animals suffer in United States laboratories every year, enduring tests for toxicity and skin corrosion, often without any sort of pain relief, according to the Humane Society. Unfortunately, some of these creatures are abused and killed for the sake of makeup. Cosmetic animal testing has been banned in the European Union and other countries, but the U.S. has yet to join these countries, even though alternative methods to animal testing have been proven effective. Because of this, a seemingly innocent tube of mascara or bottle of shampoo could be purchased without a customer even knowing about the deadly experiments that have been performed on animals like rabbits or dogs.

wet n wild


Some makeup companies, like this one, have found ways for women to look beautiful without any guilt. Wet n wild is the perfect example of how great cosmetics don’t need to be tested on animals.

Bath & Body Works


Walking into a Bath & Body Works, one is greeted by a vast array of fragrances. They have a fun selection of foaming hand soaps, and their lotions and body washes not only smell delectable but are also cruelty-free.



This brand provides makeup that anyone can afford. Not only are their products kind to animals, they’re also kind to one’s budget.



This may not be a beauty brand, but it is absolutely worth mentioning. Who ever said cleaning products couldn’t be aesthetically pleasing? Method makes cleaning a pleasant experience with plant-based cleaners that are actually more effective than chemical-based ones. (America’s Test Kitchen).

Trader Joe’s


Trader Joe’s carries everything from groceries to body butter. The entire store is filled with products that are friendly to animals and the environment.



The smells of Organix hair products are worth the purchase alone. Those scents are combined with an amazing product and a promise to be cruelty-free.

By Persephone Price


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