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Greyson Schofield – A Fresh Face at Phoenix Fashion Week

By Miles Tucker

Phoenix Fashion Week 2017 was spectacular, and its finale was nothing short of breathtaking. Couture Night brought out some of the best emerging and established designers to put on an exhibition, the way only Phoenix can. Spectators from all walks of life came to watch as an assortment of masterpieces made their debut on the runway.

On top of that, 40 of the most talented local models competed in challenges to earn a spot on The Agency Arizona’s model roster. These challenges consisted of best headshot, best runway performance, best print editorial ad and best casting interview. I got the chance to speak with one of these ascending models and had a captivating conversation with him.

Greyson Schofield is relatively new to the modeling industry, but he is prepared to take it by storm. Going into the training course that Phoenix Fashion Week had prepared, he had a little experience but was no veteran. However, he took the advice of his photographers and used it to his advantage.

Schofield was proud to be humble and jumped at the chance to learn anything the professionals at Fashion Week had to offer him. Schofield abided by the guidance of expert photographers like Tammy Hodges and Romen Cole, and it paid off. Schofield managed to come first in the headshot challenge and the editorial group shot challenge. By quickly picking up and mastering techniques that seemed foreign to him, Schofield made an impression on the judges and brought home a couple victories.    

(Schofield’s headshot of the year [Left] and the group print ad of the year [Right] courtesy of Phoenix Fashion Week and shot by Romen Cole @iam_romencole)

Fashion week was the first time that Schofield walked in a show and he presented nothing but confidence. He attributed his fierce demeanor to his commitment to giving the designers he represented the best look possible. Schofield sported outfits for Koran Fields-Cameron’s WVSH and lifestyle designer of the year Quinlan Wilhite’s QMULATIVE along with Accessory Designer of the Year Colin Jared’s Multi Colored Animal

Schofield believes that when it comes to his career, relationships are meant to be mutually beneficial. To do this he does his best work for each designer he comes across and networks extensively within the industry.


(Courtesy of Phoenix Fashion Week)

When I asked Schofield what he saw in his future for modeling following fashion week, he told me that he wants to reach out to photographers and help them build their reputations. Photographers get the chance to strengthen their portfolios, and Schofield gets to put his name into new circles.

Having a lasting career in the modeling industry can be tough, and doing it right means keeping an open mind. To do this Schofield works with these photographers in order complement his personal portfolio with shots from different fashion genres. Showing versatility is important because scouts know exactly what they are looking for in a model, and being ready for anything makes everyone’s job easier.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 10.50.46 AM.png

(Shot by Tammy Hodges @tammyhodgesphoto featuring headbands by Multi Colored Animal)

What Schofield lacks in experience, he makes up for with his raw talent and eagerness to learn. These qualities are sure to land him contracts as he becomes more familiar with the trade. He looks to pursue all of his business ventures with enthusiasm, and he is sure to make waves as a fresh face in the industry.


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