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Halloween 2014: Costumes for Two

Halloween is always more fun when you spend it with your best friend or significant other. To make the most of the celebration, get creative and dress up together! Here are some ideas to consider:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Who doesn’t love Disney characters? This is an adorable option, especially because you can put it together with pieces from your closet. Add your own twist with a red skirt, tutu or shorts!


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Mickey and Minnie 1

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Tigger and Piglet

This is perfect for the best of friends! It’s also a cute DIY costume. Using black felt or marker on orange separates (try leggings and a tank top) will create Tigger’s trademark stripes. For Piglet, pink leggings and a striped pink shirt will do the trick. Don’t forget about the headbands, which are easily made and the perfect finishing touch!

Tigger and Pigglet

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Thing 1 and Thing 2

You can make this costume using a variety of different pieces, so be creative and go all out! You can experiment with red dresses, shirts and leggings to find the best look for you and your friend!


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Thing1Thing2 pic 2

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Conrad

Superman and Batman

These outfits are just one of the many ways to dress up as Superman and Batman. You can add tutus, capes and leggings.

batman and superman

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Ana and Elsa from Frozen

This idea is more expensive than the others and requires a trip to the nearest Halloween superstore, where these dresses are sold. But you will get to be a beautiful princess from an adorable movie, so it will be worth it!


Photo Courtesy of Spirit


Photo Courtesy of Spirit

Story By Rachael Bouley


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