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Heels and the City

By: Elyssa Damian

In any major city like Phoenix, it can sometimes be hard to rock a pair of four inch Manolos while rushing to get to work on time. It can seem like everything from the cracks in the ground to the yellow, tactile paving before a crosswalk is out to snag the ground right from under you. However, we shouldn’t have to come face first with the sidewalk or ditch our cute pumps. Here are a few tips that can help anyone in high-heeled shoes rock the city streets like it’s the runway.


Tip #1: Opt for a pair of heels that are generally easier to walk in

  1. Some heels are just easier to walk in than others. For example, choose a nice pair of wedges. They provide a more flat surface and are easier to balance. Or in turn, go for a fun strappy pair that keeps your foot from sliding around the sole as much.

  2.  Shoes with a shorter heel tend to be easier and more comfortable to walk in.


Tip #2: Avoid uneven surfaces.

  1. Watch out for bumps in the road such as risen pavements, cracks or holes in the ground, or ridges in the surface such as the tactile pavement that appears before the cross walk.

Tip #3: Take your time.

  1.  If you aren’t on a time constraint, it is okay to take smaller steps and walk a bit slower. It gives you more control and you may even end up looking more graceful as you glide down the street.

Tip #4: Know how to tackle the holes or openings in the ground.

  1. Balance your weight on the balls of your feet when walking across the holes and cracks in the ground. Doing so will allow the heel of your shoe to lift up enough and you will be able to avoid your heel going straight in.


Tip #5: Bring an extra pair of shoes.

  1.  In the end, it can be hard to hack the heels on the busy streets. It can be painful and quite dangerous. If you need to get to an interview fast or want to save the heels for later, keep them in your purse and wear flats for your trip through the city.


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