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Hipster Fashion Culture

The word hipster often gets a lot of negative connotation. At an “Of Monsters and Men Concert” indie rock band from Iceland. I heard judgmental comments such as “She is so hipster.” The definition from Urban Dictionary of hipsters are, “a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.” Unfortunately most people know them as, “A person who follows the latest trends and fashions,” according to Merriam Webster’s Ironically the two definitions completely contradict each other.

The contradiction has come into effect because being a hipster is a trend. I put on a cute beanie that I have had for years and all of a sudden I am deemed a hipster. My mom’s ripped up T-shirts from her hippie days also makes me a hipster. If you shop at the popular Urban Outfitters too much you are also a hipster. People view hipsters negatively sometimes, because like the term “hippie” it was also once associated with just another fad. Although society deems you a hipster you truly are not.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Alexa Renfroe, Hipster Style

Hipsters foster a counter culture. Therefore consumerism is not included in that counter culture. They are shopping at vintage shops and good will. Isn’t it funny that Urban Outfitters sells clothes of things it looks like hipsters would purchase from a thrift store? Basically we are paying a lot of money to look like we don’t care. Urban Outfitters’ prices can range up to $380. People also sells a similar style for even higher prices.

The hipster-like trends, include flannels, big glasses, chunky scarves and cardigans. Although one can get this merchandise at a thrift store, there is nothing wrong with a splurge for what is in style. Free People and Urban Outfitters sell beautiful and good quality clothing. Another store you can find the look is Nasty Gal. To get more for your buck try Urban OG or Brandy Melville. Wherever you choose to shop, remember that just because you are wearing what is in style does not mean you are becoming part of a stereotype.

The Chic Daily, Fashion Journalist Club, Alexa Renfroe, Hipster Style

Alexa Renfroe

Photo Credits: Denim Blog// TIFANews


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