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Hit or Miss: Jeffree Star’s Lip Ammunition

By: Elyssa Damian

On September 30th, Jeffree Star released his new line of lipsticks, the Lip Ammunition collection. The line has been done and ready to hit the market for quite some time but Jeffree spent the last three years focusing on his Velour Liquid Lipsticks. Leading up the highly anticipated drop-date, Jeffree took to his YouTube channel to swatch all ten of his shades. So I picked up three out of the ten shades to try myself: Celebrity Skin, Unicorn Blood and Popsicle Dream.


Photo Courtesy of: Anya Magnuson

The first, and lightest shade, I got was Celebrity Skin (right swatch). Celebrity Skin is a very airy nude shade, perfect for a day look. It is a very delicate shade but it definitely ties together a natural makeup appearance. The next color, Unicorn Blood (middle swatch), is a deep red with a subtle orange undertone. It makes the classic red-lip appearance and is a must-have for the fall. The final color I picked up was the fun and daring Popsicle Dream (left swatch). Popsicle Dream is a pastel purple shade that is bright enough to stand out. This lip color happened to be my favorite out of the bunch because it is so different from any other lipstick I own.


Photo Courtesy of: Anya Magnuson

Each of the lipsticks had a creamy formula that was easy to apply. Because these colors are not matte, I found that they do tend to smudge. I also did have to reapply several times throughout the day because these are not long-wearing products. Online, the packaging looks very sleek but once I finally got the products in hand, the casing was plastic and seemed cheap. On the other end, the lipsticks all smelled really sweet and sugary—something I enjoyed very much. After several hours, I could still pick up a faint cotton candy scent. The price was overall manageable at 18 dollars a lipstick. For me, the best part about these products was its vibrant application on the lips. The shades all hold true to what you see on the website and live up to their names.

So is Jeffree Star’s Lip Ammunition line a hit or miss? I say it is a hit! If you are looking for some new and bold shades, Jeffree Star’s website is a wonderful place to start, especially the Lip Ammunition collection.


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