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Holiday Treats

By Madison DeHaven

The winter holiday season is upon us. What better way to spread holiday cheer, (besides singing loud for all to hear, as said in the movie Elf than making some homemade treats? You can give them away as gifts or bring them to a holiday party. It can also be a fun way to spend time with friends and family by making them together.

Spiced Gumdrop Cookies

1 gumdrop cookies

Photo and recipe courtesy of: Taste of Home

When I first heard about these, I was pretty skeptical. Gummy candies in cookies? As strange as it sounds, the traditional holiday candy creates a pleasantly chewy cookie. They will definitely add a holiday flavor to otherwise plain sugar cookies.

Some recipes also include nuts and raisins to give the cookies extra texture and flavor.

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Photo and recipe courtesy of:

For a refreshing and sweet treat, add some peppermint to your basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can use a peppermint extract or, for extra color and flare, peppermint candy pieces or crushed candy canes. You can even sprinkle more crushed candy cane on top as a garnish.

To give them an extra wintery appearance, add a layer of snow. Just roll the cookie dough in powdered sugar before popping them in the oven.

Cherry Coconut Snowballs

3 Cherry-Snowballs

Photo and recipe courtesy of: Chef in Training

Many people have never experienced a white winter. It’s a little difficult to make snowballs without snow, but these snowball cookies are just as fun. This recipe could actually be customized in a few ways to better suit your taste. The maraschino cherry in the center will add a sweet, fruity kick. However, feel free to leave it out for a simpler flavor. If you want to make it a little fancier, you could roll your snowballs in white chocolate for a more solid coating, cake pop-style.

Graham Cracker Houses

4 graham cracker house.jpg

Photo and recipe courtesy of: The Decorated Cookie

Not really into baking? There’s still a holiday treat for you to enjoy, no oven required. Using graham crackers, you can make a pseudo-gingerbread house with frosting and your favorite candies. You can decorate an individual square like a cookie, or you can construct a three-dimensional house like a real gingerbread house.

What are some your favorite holiday treats? Whether you’re baking for friends, an office party or family gathering, these quick recipes are sure to inspire some holiday spirit this winter.


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