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Home for the Holidays: Must Have Carry-On Items


Photo by Anna

Traveling can be stressful, especially during the holidays when airport lines seem to be miles long and flights are doomed to be delayed. If flying home for Christmas is giving you anxiety, you aren’t alone. Sitting near a screaming baby on the plane or having to lug your suitcase up endless escalators may not be in your control, but amidst the chaotic airport shuffle, the one thing you can control is what you bring. The secret to a successful trip is a carry-on bag packed with the basic necessities.


Photo by Anna

Tissues: After running to catch a flight the last thing you need to worry about is a runny nose.

Your favorite magazine: The ultimate boredom-buster! Time flies when you’re reading the latest issue.

Wallet: Duh! Double-check that you have your wallet (containing your ID, debit card and cash, of course).

Gum: For those “ear-popping” moments or inevitable bad breath.

Face cleansing wipes: After spending a few hours in the airport your face might feel greasy. A simple wipe is an easy alternative to face wash!

Water bottle: Water bottles at the airport can cost up to five dollars! Bring your own and fill it up at a water fountain (after the security check of course).

Lip Balm: Dry, cracked lips are hard to avoid when flying. Keep lips luscious with your favorite balm.

Hand Sanitizer: No one wants to share germs with millions of people — think of how many dirty hands touch that escalator handrail.

Phone Charger: Just in case you spend more time traveling than expected. A dead phone is a traveler’s worst nightmare.

Sweatshirt: Airplanes are always chilly, especially if you get stuck next to that one person who insists on blasting the AC.

Earphones: Listening to music is way better than listening to the crying baby or the couple fighting on the plane.

Cell phone: Obviously you can’t forget this! Airport apps (try GateGuru!), electronic boarding passes and new playlists are a must.

There’s no place like the airport during the holidays. Plan ahead. Pack efficiently. Keep calm. Travel on.

By: Anna Werner


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