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HOT TRENDS | What To Wear This New Year’s Weekend

By Anna “Monty” Montoya-Gaxiola 

Puffer Jackets, cherry red, mini skirts, even smaller bags, and so much more curated 2023’s hot fashion trends. With one last night out of the year, your final outfit must be done right. 

2023 offered countless fashion trends, varying colors, textures, lengths, and more. So, what are the current staple pieces? 

For Arizonian NYE celebrators, your must-need parties allow you to pick your style freely. 

One of Arizona's biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations, Decadence, is the perfect space to be unique. As an outside venue, attendees should be sure to find the perfect balance of staying warm but still looking incredible. Oversized jackets have been a notable go-to for a while now. It really is all about how you accessorize. Music festivals, especially Decadence, are known for over-the-top outfits. Big boots, chunky scarves, balaclavas, and gloves will be your best friends for staying warm while wearing a more revealing outfit. 

Along with that, crotchet and knit two and single pieces offer the perfect combination of skimpy and covered outfits. 

Our current favorite trend is here to save you: FAUX FUR! Find your perfect faux fur headband, hat, leg warmers, ear muffs, and even jackets to stay cozy in every outfit. 

My favorite part about 2023’s fashion trends is the versatility of essential pieces. For example, using an oversized blazer as a dress or even a leather jacket. 

In case you are looking to wear a short dress or skirt, match that with a pair of long boots. Along with that, you can never go wrong with pairing a basic under a sweater vest. Throw a turtle neck under anything, and it’ll add that extra touch of warmth. 

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