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House of Donaldson and the Emphasis on Sustainability

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Ava Mixon

Photo by David Ulloa Jr.

Let’s talk about designer JC Donaldson and his emphasis on sustainability at Tempe Fashion Week this past weekend. Donaldson has been a fashion designer since 2016; however, his fashion career started back in 2011 as a fashion blogger. He had the opportunity to work with Phoenix Fashion Week in 2018, where he started to grasp the understanding of business in fashion. From his experiences, Donaldson launched his first contemporary collection three years ago and has continued designing since.

At the first-ever TFW, Donaldson chose to send models strutting down the runway in contemporary suits – both men and women, dressed to impress.

“With House of Donaldson … we deliver confidence through custom luxury,” Donaldson said.

Photo by David Ulloa Jr.

Photo by David Ulloa Jr.

Photo by David Ulloa Jr.

TFWTempe Fashion Week intended to circulate the idea of sustainable fashion at its show. Donaldson’s way of promoting sustainable fashion is to create timeless pieces that will last longer. His company, House of Donaldson, focuses on how a piece feels on the model and how long the piece is going to last. It is important for him to make sure he is creating a piece that fits the occasion, or in his words creating “fashion within reach.” Unlike ideas seen in fast fashion, Donaldson mentioned the importance of having a long-lasting classic item that will not go out of style. He reminded us that fast fashion will give you the look, but you cannot get sustainable fashion from just appearance.

Breaking down his company’s motto, House of Donaldson’s goal is to exemplify a client’s personality through fabric and style. His line at TFW did exactly that.

Photo by David Ulloa Jr.

Off the runway, Donaldson continues to educate his clientele about sustainability in their clothing. Making sure clients understand the material-build to create durable, functioning pieces. He has old-school ideas that he always follows as a way of building his brand – as mentioned previously, timeless pieces are his go-to.

As Donaldson’s appearance at Tempe Fashion Week came to an end, the models left a powerful presence – with House of Donaldson’s collection lingering in the minds of the audience.


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