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‘House of Style’ Returns on MTV

Like trends of yesteryear, television programs can resurface to a new generation as well. Despite the long-gone age of the supermodel being far behind us, MTV is ushering a new take with the revitalized bi-weekly web series “House of Style.”

Models Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss will host this incarnation, spotlighting the fashion world and bringing it to the masses once more. The industry has certainly changed since the ‘90s, but there is still public interest as programs about models and designers continue to air.

The fashion-oriented news program was originally hosted by supermodel Cindy Crawford in 1989. Crawford, a familiar face in editorials and campaigns became a household name beyond the glossy pages of Vogue. Her fun and frisky attitude brought an insider’s view to places the whole of America wouldn’t see otherwise. Going backstage at fashion shows, in the studio with recording artists, and covering the latest trends, Crawford epitomized the essence of cool.

She would later leave in 1995 to be replaced by a slew of models and MTV alum; Rebecca Romijn, Amber Valletta and Daisy Fuentes to name a few. The series eventually met its end in 2000 as the enthusiasm and celebrity surrounding the supers began to dwindle.

There was another attempt at bringing “House of Style” back from the dead. In 2009, Bar Rafaeli hosted a special with Chanel Iman but wasn’t able to spawn a series.

However, with Smalls and Kloss ranked as the two most coveted, consistently booked models recently by heavyweight, this attempt has the potential to mirror the success of Crawford’s initial run.

Like the supermodel, “House of Style” isn’t a relic of the past, but an untapped and underappreciated figure ready for some attention. This era is ready for some panache to spawn new fashionistas to frequent and admire.

To watch clips and read from the “House of Style” archives, head over to MTV Style.

Garrett Mitchell

Photo Credits: and MTV


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