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How Do Clothes Become Classics?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

By: Olivia Madrid

Among the masses of trends that come and go nowadays, fashion turnouts are higher than ever. Consumers concerned with the impact of fast fashion and trends on the environment are now seeking out sustainable wear. However, what most fail to realize when trying to be sustainable is re-wearing “classics” that are in your closet. But what exactly defines a piece as a classic?

Though this word is thrown around but never defined, most people just know that their basic white tee will stay a closet staple. What made this piece timeless is its ability to stay consistent and endure trends, while also being able to outlast the fads and stand-alone.

Take the trenchcoat- alone it makes a statement added to a basic pair of pants and matching top. However, accessorized with trendy items such as wearing a casual in-style shoe or the newest pants, the look will become a trend, but the staple, of course, is the trench coat. These classics always vary in the way they might be sized, cropped, styled, or colored. Blue jeans will always be a classic- but whether they are printed on, cropped, flared or skinny, blue jeans will remain in your closet until they are too worn. These classics reflect contemporary fashion while being a building block to looks, and keeping its solo identity. 

Photo: Burberry Resort 24

One of the best ways to remain sustainable and fashionable is to reuse classics as foundations for trendy outfits. The black mini dress can be worn in many different ways, such as with simple jewelry, loud statement shoes or layered with a tee shirt for a business casual look. Keeping what you already possess in your closet is going to prevent overconsumption. Fast fashion is usually driven by overconsumption as brands compete to release the latest, trendiest designs. It results in clothes being made cheaply and unsustainably, and as soon as the next trend appears, these clothes will be thrown away. Rewearing classics will ensure your closet remains timeless and sustainable. 

Header photo by: Jorge Fakhouri Filho from Pexels

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