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How the Theo Doro Collection Turned Phoenix Fashion Week into a Fairy Tale

By Emily Ditomasso

“We are off to see the wizard! The wonderful Wizard of Oz!” the speakers blared as Tucson based designer, Dorota Zglobicka, danced down the Phoenix Fashion Week runway at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale on Friday night. 

Zglobicka’s magical designs were the first to be shown on Contemporary Night and in my opinion, it was the best way to start the show.

The Theo Doro line was very whimsical and fun, just like the designer herself. It included a lot of colorful pieces, socks and heels, funky hats, puffy pants and dresses and curly up-dos. Not only was the line uniquely her, but it gave a special energy to the stage that left me on the edge of my seat. You could tell she was proud and happy with what she created and that definitely showed throughout her work.

After the show, I was lucky enough to talk to the Tucson designer and have a chat about the inspiration behind her line. 

“I do like whimsical and magical stuff,” said Zglobicka. “I like my show to be kind of in the mood of this [whimsical/magical].” 

When asked about the sock and boot/heel combination, the designer proclaimed her love for black socks and shoes and even rocked the style under her long black dress that gave off major Halloween vibes.

“With all of this fairytale, whimsical clothing, it adds a little punk,” said Zglobicka.

She mentioned how her last clothing line’s theme was ‘Cinderella went crazy’ and how she bases all of her collections off of fairy tales.

It was also no secret that Zglobicka likes to have fun on the runway. The whole time her clothes were being presented, she had a huge smile on her face and she danced her way down the runway behind the models. Zglobicka said she does not think about what she is going to do on the stage beforehand, she simply gets on stage and acts like herself.

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.10.30 AM

“Every time I have [a] fashion show I am thinking that I need to be more calm and serious, but it never happens,” said Zglobicka. “That’s just me.”

Zglobicka also stated that she understands that her style is not for everyone and that she knows she won’t please the whole audience.

“I know some people might not like it, but I am okay with that,” said Zglobicka.

Photos courtesy of Theo_Doro_Fairyland on Instagram.


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