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How to find the Seasonal Balance in AZ

Since moving to Arizona just a few short months ago, I’ve had one realization: no matter what month it is, the weather is a blessing and a curse… always hot! Now, I know that is probably obvious to you reading this, but it still shocks me that in November I don’t need to be bundled up in a parka and boots. Whether one day it is 90 degrees and 70 the next, or the mornings start out quite chilly and the afternoons are causing you to break a sweat, trying to find a balanced way to dress has been a challenge. So, here are some examples of how to stay comfortable, and look on-trend this season.


Photos by Courtney Mally

I personally love this outfit. The contrast between the preppy-ness of the collar underneath the crewneck and the edgy look of the destroyed jeans is a little unexpected, but they balance each other out for a relaxed but put-together look.

This outfit also gives you the option of taking the crewneck off and still looking on- point when the temperatures rise in the early afternoon. Layering is the key!

Photo by Courtney Mally

Now, this is the perfect example of the, “I really didn’t want to get ready but I had to because I have stuff to do” outfit. Which I think we all understand at this point in the semester! And honestly, it still looks great. The leggings allow for comfort, but give an equalizing factor with the short-sleeve t-shirt so if the temperatures are a little lower one day, you won’t be freezing. The beanie is not only one of the best ways to hide a bad hair day, but adds the right amount of fall color to tie the entire outfit together.

When I was planning my move out here, I bought a lot of summery clothes like dresses and skirts in order to bear the early-to-mid-August scorching temperatures. Since the weather, although not drastic, is taking a turn toward cooler weather, here is an example of utilizing a summer dress for your fall/winter needs!

Photo by Courtney Mally

The light, airy fabric of this dress allows for a lot of layering, without overheating. I simply have a black slip on underneath this dress; however, if it is a chillier day you could wear leggings or tights underneath. Or pair the boots with a jean jacket, or even wear a long-sleeve t-shirt to compensate for the colder temperatures. I love the simplicity of this black dress, because it allows for various uses and a lot of outfit options.

I hope this helped inspire some not-too-warm, but still hot fall looks! What is your favorite outfit combination for fall in Arizona? Post or comment below. Thanks for reading!

Photos and Article by Courtney Mally


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