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How to look like a boss-lady at your first internship!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

By: Megan Barbera

If you are in college and looking for a career in any realm of the business world, chances are you are going to have to do an internship at some point.

Internships can certainly be scary! For many, it is their first-ever experience in a professional environment and for fashionistas, picking out an outfit for that first day on the job can feel like a worrisome task.

However, do not fret! Here are some tips on how to rock business wear in a unique and fashionable way.

Pantsuits are your friend!

A quality pantsuit is essential in any business woman’s wardrobe. Make sure to get one in a neutral color, as well as a fun color for days you are feeling bold!

Have fun with pattern!

The easiest way to bring some life into a boring business outfit is by adding pattern. Do not be afraid to mix patterns either! Through color coordination and a fashionable eye, patterns are the perfect way to spice up the office setting!

Have a go-to skirt!

Pencil skirts are a classic staple to business fashion, so it is smart to have a solid skirt that you can rely on to look professional at all times! Also, throw a fun skirt into your wardrobe to sometimes switch it up!

Have a comfortable, casual look at the ready!

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like pulling it together for the office (it happens to the best of us). When this happens, it is essential to have a go-to outfit that is comfortable and casual, but still professional looking.

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