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How To: Make Game Day Fashionable

Game days are filled with school pride, overpriced sodas and screaming for our Sun Devils until we lose our voices. So, why not look good while enjoying the day?

For today’s home game against Stanford, it’s important to represent not only our school, but also our fashion sense. Luckily, the ASU bookstores across the campuses have a variety of options for game day.


In this outfit we have a Meesh & Mia Team Spirit three-quarter sleeve shirt with mesh shoulder accents. (Available at the ASU bookstore) The blacked out Sun Devils studs on the chest are a perfect homage to our team while still being fashionable. To make the outfit more feminine, wear a gold (or maroon) skirt to represent our school in one more aspect.



If purchasing a new Sun Devils shirt isn’t in your budget, don’t fear—DIY is here! Pinterest is always a great source for DIY fashion. With just an old t-shirt you can revamp your look from old and dingy to stylish and fresh. The variety of different looks can be achieved with just a pair of scissors and a few minutes.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest


maroon shirt


High Waist

Pair your favorite DIY top with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts for a fast and casual game day outfit.

If you are feeling very adventurous and are not in a time crunch, try a pair of “Gopheralls.” The University of Minnesota created a pair of overalls sporting their school’s (and ASU’s) colors. Their mascot is Goldie the gopher, which is where the name Gopheralls originated. Although these overalls are infamous in the Midwest, I am sure we can get them trending here in the Southwest.


Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Gopheralls are typically paired with a t-shirt, but for a more fashionable look, one can pair them with a crop top and a statement necklace.

 No matter what you decide to wear to game day, be sure to showcase your sense of style. So go out, and cheer on our Sun Devils while looking fabulous!

Story By Maddy Ryan

Photos By Donald Putman


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