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How-to: Mixing Patterns

A typical mistake a 6-year-old girl would make in an attempt to dress herself is now a look we all want to master. Mixing patterns, with the right balance, has become a bold way to express your style.

For Ashley Griffith, ASU Mary Lou Fulton School of Education freshman, it’s tribal print with plaid:


Photo by Danielle Quijada

“Mixing patterns allows you to express your creativity by venturing outside the walls of fashion norms. Most people wouldn’t think to mix patterns because it is usually considered a ‘faux pa’ but it’s becoming more common in the fashion world,” Griffith said.

For Shelby Hyde, ASU Cronkite School of Journalism freshman, it’s mini hearts paired with polka dot jeans:


Photo by Danielle Quijada

“I love to mix patterns because I feel unique with each pattern combination,” Hyde said.

Mixing patterns allows expression in a fun, yet different way. Pairing one pattern with another is a trending look that ripples throughout the many aspects of the fashion world, but this style calls for a sense of individualism. Whether it be exhibiting your fierce style through the mix of leopard print with stripes or pairing polka dots with floral prints to accentuate your girly side, let the outdated fashion taboos be silenced- allowing your inner 6-year-old fashionista to be voiced.

My personal patterns of choice is the cyclist and polka dots:


Photos by Ashley Griffith and Shelby Hyde

This style allows many to break through the walls of boring and enter the land of bold. With the right flow and the perfect patterns, your outfit can go from drab to fab.

Fashion is an outlet of expression, so why not have a little fun with it and be bold for a change.

By: Danielle Quijada


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