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How to: Outfits for AZ style weather

Romance In The Desert

Arizona is known for its hot temperatures almost all year round making people think that Sun Devils only wear shorts and tank-tops.

….Hmm not so fashionable right? Well if you think like me, you my friends are incorrect. Now that I live in Arizona I can tell you that it is only 3 months of hot, hot and very hot summer leaving us with 9 months to bring out our clothes to play.

And even though ASU is not known for its fashion culture, many of its students are like gems in a desert!

With an old romantic look inspired by Ulyana Sergenco, ASU student Amelia Goe finds Sergenco’s vintage romantic inspiration before picking out her outfit. For her makeup Goe went for a classy soft and catty eye inspired look by Dita Von Tesse. With a small clutch, Goe seals her romance at the desert look.


This look is easy to wear because it is so versatile. It can be taken from school to office and even dinner with the girls. Not only is it very versatile but every piece can be used to mix and match with other outfits.

Goe’s easy flow look can be replicated with any button up shirt or a fun print cardigan with high waisted pants. For comfortable but still fashionable shoes, I recommend fun flat shoes or for a fun twist; even booties can work.

Some might still feel it’s hard to put together an outfit as easy as this, but it’s simpler than you might think. Detailing the outfit to fit you is the most important thing so you can feel comfortable. We have all seen men and women with different shapes and heights who look like they have a personal stylist. This is because they have been able to choose pieces that enhance their body.

Amelia Goe, has not only rolled the bottom of her jeans so her legs appear longer, but her cardigan has been slightly rolled for the illusion of longer arms.  With high wasted jeans that tuck in her button up, Goe makes the illusion of a smaller torso with long legs. Tips like these can help any fashion beginner look more put together.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Article by Jenny Tapiz


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