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How to: Shoesday Tuesday-Adding Color

Mastering that pop of color.

I’ve been going through a phase lately of making my shoes the main focus or “pop” in many of my outfits. So, I thought I would explain the process of how I create that perfect pop, and some tips so you can rock this look too!

1.) Creating the right outfit.

In order for the shoes to be the primary focus, the rest of your outfit should be pretty minimalistic. My favorite combination is typically a white top with

black pants or skirt, and a red shoe. If I am feeling like that is a little too plain, I will have a black and white patterned top, whether it be a graphic t- shirt or something with stripes, polka dots, etc. as long as it is subtle and does not make the entire outfit overwhelming.

2.) Finding the perfect shoe.

Whether you’re going out, running errands or heading to class, a pop of color is always appropriate. Make sure that if you are going to class or running

errands, your shoe choice compliments the overall style of the outfit. I typically save my more crazy shoes for a girl’s night out on the town!

3.) Accessories.

I always try to have accessories that pick up the pop of color in my shoes to tie a whole outfit together. I’ll choose something along the lines of a red

statement necklace to go with red flats, or gold earrings and bangles to pick up the metallic flare in a pair of sparkly gold heels.

And, voila! A cute outfit with just the right amount of “pop”.

Photo by Courtney Mally

What’s your favorite color to add to an outfit? Post or comment below! Thanks for reading. Walk fabulously friends!

Article by Courtney Mally


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