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How to: styling jean jackets

By Haley Wehner

As the blazing Arizona heat fades, our fashion opportunities intensify. If anything proves fashionable for the fall season, it is denim jackets. Throwing on the simply classic piece can transform an entire wardrobe from drab to retro. The faded blue can add a splash of color to any outfit. AND, anyone looks good in them. Even Dwayne Johnson. There is a reason this fad has stuck around since the 1970s.

Did you meet a cutie on Yik-Yak? Impress your Prince Charming with a darling dress topped with, of course, a jean jacket. You will feel unstoppable. This look has the perfect amount of edgy and soft with the delicateness of the dress and the structured grunge of the jacket.


Denim has a best friend and it is the color white. You really can’t go wrong with this duo: they are clean and chic. Go bold and wear all white with a crop top with high waisted skinny jeans, finished off with a jean jacket. This look is classier than the Queen of England, and is perfect for a night out with the girls on the town or for those events that constitute a daringly stylish look.


OOTD: School Style. Don’t spend your entire morning fretting over your outfit: the jean jacket will do the trick. If you’re feeling lazy but still want to look cute grab some sheer tights, a flowy dress and some Doc Martens or combat boots. This outfit is also great in case the weather warms up throughout the day. Tie the denim around your waist and voila, no more sweat stains.


Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake knew exactly what they were doing when they strutted down the carpet in one of the most iconic outfits of all time. Denim on denim; do not be afraid of it. Why stop at just a collared shirt and jeans? The possibilities are endless with denim skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, bell-bottom jeans, ripped jeans or even a pair of denim shoes. It may seem intimidating at first to wear an all denim outfit, but after all the compliments you get, you’ll go home and wash it so it’ll be ready to go for next week.



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