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How to tie ascots 101

By: Riley Anderson

One of my favorite everyday accessories is an ascot simply because they’re effortless to style yet so chic. They’re also very unique and affordable pieces that make everyday outfits look extra fashion-forward. However, people always ask me how to style or tie them correctly. There are many different ways to go about tying and styling, but here are my favorite tips and tricks to help step up your ascot game.

The classic knot: This is the easiest and most basic look out of the six. It’s simple to do and works well with ascots and scarves of all sizes. This is definitely my go-to knot for an everyday look.

The double wrap: Although this style can be a bit more tricky, it is super chic. This look gives any outfit a more sophisticated and fashion-forward vibe. I love to wear this to spice up elegant jumpsuits and dresses.                                    

The cowgirl: This look is super cute and quick to do. It brings a boho and western vibe to any outfit you pair it with. I love this style for music festivals and western outfits. If you want to add a more western theme to your look, use a cotton bandana rather than a silk scarf.

The side tie: The side tie is super trendy and easy to do. Although very similar to the classic knot, it brings a more classy vibe to the outfit. It also allows others to see the thick pattern wrapped around your neck, rather than hidden behind your neck. This is also great for when your hair is tied back, bringing more attention to the scarf.

The headband: I love this look for when you just want to add flair to your hair or get it out of your face. This is super easy to do and brings a fun atmosphere to an everyday look.

The extra pony: This look is a great way to make your basic ponytail stand out. It’s super fast and easy to achieve. I love how classy this looks in one’s hair, especially with a long silk scarf. It can turn your basic hair due to extra chic.

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