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How To Wear Leather Pants

Leather pants made a comeback to the fashion world as a much edgier look than leggings last year. They were the go-to option for many celebrities, and can be paired with almost anything. If you’re looking to get out of your style comfort zone, leather pants are an easy start. Contrary to their appearance, not all leather pants are skin tight and revealing. Forever 21 has a style that fits like a pair of comfortable pants that you can actually move around in. The best part is they come in different textures and colors to fit your style. Below are some outfits you can create with a simple pair of black leather pants.

Leather on Leather

Leather pants #1

A classic look that can be seen almost anywhere is the leather jacket and leather pants. This outfit can be paired with heels, flats or ankle boots for a long, lean look. I especially adore the unique aspect that the metallic gold leather jacket gives to the overall outfit.

Edgy Floral

Leather pants #4

At first glance, most will think this is a dress, but its technically a blouse that is too long to be recognized as a shirt and too short to be worn as a dress by itself. So I thought to pair it with my leather pants to contrast the styles of girly floral print with edgy leather pants. It is an outfit that can be worn to work or class.

Comfy Chic

Leather pants #6

This outfit is for a cold, rainy day. I paired a polka dot knit sweater with the leather pants and plaid rain boots.  I think this outfit is all about comfort, while still looking chic.

Bright Color

Leather pants #7

Why not add a bright color to contrast your leather pants? I chose a teal and gold blouse and sandals for fun. As long as you match the color tones of your top and shoes, you will look cute.

Denim and Leather

Leather pants #8

Denim and leather are practically made for each other. A button down denim shirt and loafers or ankle boots equals perfection.

By: Alisa Stone

All photos by Alisa


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