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How to Wear Metallics

One of the season’s hottest trends is here just in time for the holidays. No longer limited to accessories and evening wear, metallics are now brightening outfits, day or night.


The trick to cute metallics is avoiding flashiness. Pair a metallic shirt, pant, skirt or short with a neutral color or texture that will not compete, but compliment, the metallic. For a toned down, daytime look, wear a metallic with a matte finish.


Metallic accessories are great for being glamorous without going overboard. With accessories, too, the trick is wearing them with plain or neutral-colored outfits. Metallics are a must this season because items like metallic purses and necklaces go with almost any outfit.



Generally, gold and copper metallic pieces go with creams, pinks and grays, while silver metallics suit black, white and grays. When wearing metallic during the day, make it the focus of the outfit. When in doubt, keep it simple; it’s better to be understated than overdone. 



The fit of the clothing is of utmost importance. Anything that is too short or tight might give off a 70s vibe. Metallic is best worn in A-line skirts, tailored trousers or knits.  

Just remember to own it! Be fearless and rock the metallic. This trend can be difficult to pull off, but once you find the right combination for you, it can be playful and timeless.

By: Eboné Chatman

Photos Courtesy of All Women Stalk


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