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I asked boys on Tinder to send me Spotify playlists

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

By: Jacquelyn Gonzales

Like everyone else on planet Earth, I love music. And more than anything, I love discovering new music. 

From indie to rock to pop, I love it all.

But sometimes, I get tired of listening to Spotify playlist after playlist just to find one “good song.”

So I did what every other normal teenage girl would do — I created a Tinder to get boys to send me their playlists.

“Some girls just want someone to make them a playlist, it’s me I’m some girls”

I wasn’t expecting much, but a lot guys did send Spotify links as the first message. Thanks to these matches, my favorite songs have changed and I’ve been able to expand my musical knowledge. 

So, I put together a playlist of the best songs I received during my short time on Tinder.

To the one who is also a journalism major

“Hard to Explain” by The Strokes and “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand came into my life in a funny way. The guy who sent me these was the only one I actually ever met up with. 

We went to a cute coffee shop, talked about music for too long and that was really it.

These were the first two songs on the playlist he sent me, and they’ve now been added to my collection. These songs are definitely worth a listen, even though remembering our date makes me cringe. And every time I walk around campus, I keep my head down to avoid eye contact with him. 

To the forgotten one

Most of these came from dudes I talked to for like three days max.  “24/7/365” by Surfaces was in one of the playlists, and I’m not going to lie, I don’t even remember who sent it to me. 

Despite this, the song’s energy is amazing. I blast it when I get ready, and it never fails to get me through the day.

So to the guy who sent this one, I may not remember your name, but thank you for making my morning routine better. 

To all the sad boys

The amount of sad songs sent to me was intense — I guess I just attract sad boys.

“Feel No Ways” by Drake, “Crash”  by EDEN, “Sanctuary” by Joji, and “Die Trying” by Michl are personal favorites. They’re perfect simpin’ songs. 

“Sanctuary” has made its way into my sad boi hours playlist because it can honestly make me cry at any time of day.

So to the sad boys on Tinder, I hear you, I appreciate you and you’ll get over your ex one day, I promise!

To the indie boys

Indie or bedroom pop music is my current obsession. It surprised me a lot of my matches liked it as well.

 “Kickback” by Omar Apollo, “Pretty Girl” by Clairo, “Let Me Touch Your Fire” by A R I Z O N A, and “Endoris Toi” by Tame Impala came from artists I already loved. But since I’m just getting into this genre, I hadn’t heard them before.

To the indie boys who sent me playlists, thank you for deepening my love for the genre — you’ve introduced me to some of my favorite songs. 

To the one who sent me the best song yet

Words can explain how much I love “Little Piece of Heaven” by Leach. It has the same effect as “Cigarettes Daydream” by Cage the Elephant. In my opinion, it’s perfect for road trips, and I can listen to it no matter what mood I’m in.

It just radiates this amazing vibe and I’ve grown to like the artist a lot because of it.

If you don’t listen to any song on this playlist at least give this one a try so to understand what I mean. I think the dude who sent it was named Emilio, so thanks homeboy.

I hope you enjoy listening to songs that my Tinder matches sent me as much as I do.

This adventure really showed me dating apps aren’t just about hookups — you can actually meet some dope people on it.

And just know, if you ever get sick of your music taste, there’s a guy on tinder waiting to send you his playlist.


What’s your favorite song someone sent you? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!

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