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If Clothes Could Speak

I am never one to judge an individual based on her appearance, but fashion can give you a look into the life of a certain person. Fashion choices can tell about somebody’s influences, environment, personality, interests, and intentions. It may be a bit of a stretch to psychologically infer from an outfit choice, but as these five fashion icons show, it is not a hard thing to do.

 Influence-Jackie Kennedy Onassis


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 Jacqueline, which is a French name, matches its owner. Jackie Kennedy had multiple French influences in her life. With a dash of French descent on her father’s side, Kennedy lived la vie of French influence. Starting with her undergraduate years, Kennedy majored in French literature, and also spent some time abroad in France.


Kennedy in a Chanel suit, a clothing staple for which she later became famous.

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Jackie Kennedy in Cassini

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French culture not only applied to her heritage and educational choices, but also to her everyday fashion. Oleg Cassini, who was born in France, was hired to create her wardrobe. Kennedy was also a fan of Chanel, Givenchy, and Dior, three major French fashion brands.

Jacqueline-Kennedy-in-pillbox-hat (1)

Kennedy also made the pillbox hat famous.

Kennedy’s fashion was very subdued, but still glamorous. She always had an air of sophistication around her outfits.

Environment – Josephine Baker

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It is not a coincidence that fashion can be an indicator of one’s environment. Let’s take Josephine Baker, for example. The American born entertainer found her true home in France.

The environment of this European country no doubt had an effect on Josephine Baker’s fashion.


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 Taking the Jazz Age in consideration, Baker broke all of the style rules as well.

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Personality – Cara Delevingne

 It might be hard to separate somebody who is a model’s personal wardrobe from the clothes a designer chooses for her to wear on the runway. However, Delevingne is a perfect example of an individual who is not only known for her fashion under ready to wear collections, but also for her personal clothing choices.


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Delevingne is a glamorous person, but she also seems easygoing and silly as this video shows. That beautiful face can be pulled into multiple silly poses. Her personality shows in her fashion choices.

For example, Queen Delevingne dresses like any young lady her age. Jeans and sweats are frequent staples to her wardrobe. This illustrates her laid back personality. Her penchant for clever sweaters is also something that is an indicator of her penchant to be hilarious.

Interests – Yoko Ono

Oh, Yoko.

When a lot of people think of Ono, they think of The Beatles. A multitude of people fail to realize her influence on the world of artistic endeavors. She’s a musician, artist, and to fit in with other creative elements of culture, an influence on fashion.

YokoOno230113 (1)

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Yoko’s fashion is very minimalist. This reflects her art style. One of her pieces just has “yes” written on a small card. Her art interests go hand in hand with her fashion choices.

Something that is wonderful about Yoko is seeing her fashion throughout the years. One thing that has stayed the same is her love of simple colors and understated fashion choices.


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Ono’s clothing line also featured such simplistic designs.

Yoko shows that deeper meaning can come from the more simple aspects of life.

Intentions – Lady Gaga

Okay, so maybe Lady Gaga’s intentions cannot be explicitly stated by her fashion choices. However, a commonality of all of her fashion from bubble dresses to egg dress to meat dresses is her intention to challenge.


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Gaga’s outfits seem like a performance in themselves. With Gaga’s choices, it seems as if her intention is to challenge the status quo. Her music is from the future, and so are her fashions. Gaga’s intentions are to step outside the comfort zone and reflect on cultural and societal expectations.


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Playing it safe is boring. It’s not art, culture, or fashion.

By Alex Watts


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