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If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

Ever find yourself staring at your color-coded closet, flipping through every item of clothing hoping for an epiphany of what to wear? Deep down you know the perfect outfit isn’t going to build itself without a little bit of reluctant work involved. But, there is still this small ounce of hope that the perfect outfit will somehow jump right out. More often than not, this is unfortunately not the case. So what do you do when your closet has you stumped and you’re in need of a cute outfit? First and foremost, do not give up. It’s a lot easier to create an outfit when you shift your focus to one item. I tend to create my outfits by working around the shoes.


Photo Courtesy of Lookbook

Select a pair of shoes that have “character.” Simply meaning, pick a shoe that stands out—roughed-up leather boots, sparkly ballet flats or even a simple, yet subtly bold shoe. Selecting shoes with detail make for eye-catching accessories that can instantly become the centerpiece of any outfit.


Photo Courtesy of Smitten Studio

Another great way to make shoes the centerpiece? A neutral top paired with jeans allows the mint-colored ballet flats to catch the eye. Shoes don’t always need to be brightly colored, but the vibrant hue of the shoe serves as the focal point of the outfit.


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

For the look above, suede boots are a great addition to this fall ensemble. A combination of texture and length of the boot completes the outfit.


Photo Courtesy of Cordova Photography

This is one of my personal favorites. Here I chose to make the sandals the accent color of the outfit. The bright blue sandals add a fun, playful touch to an otherwise clean-cut outfit.

These are just a few ways to design an outfit around shoes. Create the stylish outfit you imagined by first selecting one item of clothing to work around. Be it a floral print, colorful hues or beat-up, old leather shoes, remember to have fun with it!

By: Shelby Hyde


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