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Incorporating ‘70s Flare into Your Everyday Style

By: Arianna Reyna

From bell-bottom jeans to platform shoes, the style of the ’70s was nothing but iconic.

Thanks to celebrities, like Harry Styles, and recent collaborations, such as Tommy Hilfiger’s TOMMYXZENDAYA, we have seen these trends grooving back into mainstream fashion.

If you want to add a little boogie to your style, traveling back to this era can be as simple as a trip to your local thrift store.

Keep it Simple

The halter top and mini skirt came into style in the late ’60s and early ’70s due to the rise of feminism and the fight for gender equality. Women around the world ditched overly modest clothing for a more freeing wardrobe.

Paying homage to the ’70s without being too over the top could include a corduroy mini skirt or a halter top with high waisted jeans.

Peace, Love & Bellbottoms

Bellbottoms are back and better than ever.

The origins of these unique jeans travel all the way back to the uniforms of American sailors in the War of 1812. But thanks to the hippie culture and stars like Sonny and Cher these jeans became a staple of ‘70s fashion.

Bellbottoms can be the perfect statement piece for your wardrobe, however, it may be tricky to hunt down a pair at your local thrift store. My friend Austin bought his bell-bottoms from Free People.

All About the Fringe

The hippie movement also caused a wave of suede and fringe to crash into the ’70s. Fashion magazines throughout the decade showcased fringe pants, jackets, and dresses.

This jacket is a vintage piece that I found in the back of my grandparents’ closet. Asking family members who lived during that era if they have any old clothes is a great way to start your vintage wardrobe.


Don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and patterns. Be adventurous with your style, this decade was full of unique and funky clothes, such as thick stripes to perfect little polka dots.

Make sure to use your resources, social media can be your fashion best friend! It’s a platform for inspiration no matter what decade you what to dress like.

Dressing Up

Personally, I believe that this era had some of the best dresses. Various silhouettes and styles were embraced so there was plenty to choose from.

Ranging from the mini dress, popularized in the ’60s but still a staple of early 70’s fashion, or my personal favorite, the wrap dress of the late ’70s which continued into the ’80s.

This green mini dress was my grandmother’s when she was around my age.

Have Fun

Live your disco fantasies and go full ’70s with sparkle, hoop earrings, blown-out hair, and platform shoes, which will help you shine under the dance floor light!

What decade do you believe has the best fashion? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter!

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