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Inspiring Teen Crafts New Brand ‘See No Fear’

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

By Anna “Monty” Montoya-Gaxiola

The perseverance Gen Z has implemented on the creation of small businesses has influenced the greater acceptance of individual creativity.

19-year-old Jayden Bracey dropped the first collection in his brand, See No Fear, in October after spending a little under a year on this new project. The collection featured three different hoodies in a variety of colors.

The creative design that went into the clothing pieces showcases the brand’s name on the front and a skeleton hand on the back with the quote “The World is Yours.” The inspiration for his pieces are uniquely his, but Bracey mentioned drawing inspiration from other brands such as Havoc and Dire Loners.

The support he received in the days leading up to his business debut and the days after proved to him that all the work was worth it. His online store reached over 1,000 visitors the week of his drop; in Bracey’s words, the unexpected recognition was beyond rewarding.

Bracey took some time to speak on how he hopes the public views his brand. The name “See No Fear” is much more than just a name – it’s a message.

“I want my customers to understand the message that I’m pushing is to be your own person and do things the way you want without worrying about anyone else,” Bracey said. “Being afraid to do something is one of the biggest reasons why it never happens at all for some people. I want to show that they can be comfortable with that situation and if you just focus, work hard, and block out any side noise, you can really do whatever you want.”

The message behind See No Fear strings from the lessons that Bracey has learned along the way.

“I have absolutely matured and even taught myself the same concept that I’m actually trying to push out there. Criticism is just a harsh form of love and if someone has the time to stop and say something bad about your business or your designs, take it in a way that’s going to motivate you and not put you down,” Bracey said.

The push to expand your goals as an individual can be rewarding, but there are various lessons that you learn throughout the process.

“Another thing I realized is not everyone is your best friend … Not everyone is going to want to support or show love, even the closest people to you,” Bracey said.

The key to being successful in a small business is motivation and drive. Bracey’s goal is to continue this journey and one day have a store of his own and have the privilege to give back to his loved ones.

Bracey has prioritized gratitude every step of the way. The impact of seeing the visions of his business come to life has created a greater push to keep building up.

“When I reflect back on that time where I was just dreaming about it, I actually can’t believe the progress I’ve made,” Bracey said. “The best way to do something that you want done is to actually just start it. That’s one of the hardest things but once you realize the beauty of everything is in the process and not the results, then you really fall in love with it. That is where I’m at, I love what I do and I’m not making millions but I really do love seeing people wearing my clothes and representing my brand name. I love seeing people happy with their orders.”

The only thing stopping you from pursuing your dreams is your own fear, so see no fear.


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