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Insta-worthy picture locations in Downtown Phoenix

By: Alyssa Tarpley

First you start with getting that right picture with that right angle, the cool background, putting that right filter on it, creating that perfect caption and TADA a masterpiece, an Instagram post. We can all admit to some degree, posting a picture brings us excitement and joy. Just like moving here to Downtown Phoenix, made me so excited. But what comes with a new home? New friends, new scenery and new locations for pictures! Jaslyn Ravenscraft, joined me as my flawless model for these adventures and we set out on a quest for “Insta-worthy” locations without a car or destinations in mind. Enjoy what we found spontaneously during our journey and maybe find some of your own unique locations along the way!

On 1st St. in between Taylor St. and Fillmore, right outside out of ASU’s Downtown Phoenix dorm, Taylor Place. There this absolutely amazing long brick wall filled with desert themed art. There’s a wide arrangement of artwork perfect for challenging your Arizona pride.

Not only do your beloved followers get to enjoy the wonderful artwork of Arizona’s finest cactus but they can also enjoy whatever you wear. For example, Jaslyn’s stylish outfit.

This one was my personal favorite, on Garfield St. between 2nd and 3rd St. An apartment wall that was covered in green plants and vines made for the perfect background for this fashionable queen.

On Garfield St. between 3rd St. and 4th St. were some colorful stairs that made for the best, dramatic artsy photo. Another one of my favorite! Not like it’s hard for me to take a bad picture with a model like Jaslyn!

Moving in another direction, on Monroe St. and Central Ave there’s a white wall which made for a great standout.

I’m not sure what lead us here to the side of zpizza on Monroe Street, the smell of pizza or the super picturesque brick wall? Might I add #nofilter on this one and Jaslyn as always is working it.

On 2nd Ave and Fillmore, in a parking lot we came across some super cool abstract art pieces with quotes embedded in them. This one stood out to us the most with it’s moving quote and bright colors, it screams positivity.

On 2nd Ave, in another parking lot was a small building with these impressive designs and art work on every outside wall. The purple walls complemented wonderfully with Jaslyn’s yellow shirt and stylish shades.

Last but not least, I end with this hip picture from the same building on 2nd Ave. Thought it suited best as I enjoyed being the photographer on these adventures.

As I know we only scratched the surface of Insta-worthy locations from our perspective, hope you have fun exploring around downtown from your perspective!


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