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Instagram fashion accounts you should be following in 2017

By Kara Nido

Instagram is a perfect outlet to channel your likes and lifestyle. I don’t post on Instagram much, but I love using it to follow other accounts with the most flawless feeds. Here are the top fashion accounts I highly suggest you follow for the rest of the year!

First up is @evachen212. Eva is a perfect person to follow if you love shoes…just as I do.


With up-to-date posts, she livens up your timeline with a satisfying, eye-appealing pair of shoes and purse combo each day.


Let me just say @evachen212 is living my dream life. Shoes and purses galore in New York City is where I want to be!

Secondly, there is @v.ri0t. This account is filled with pops of color.


Sometimes I just catch myself scrolling and scrolling through this account, trying to find the perfect new wallpaper for my phone.


This is the account to follow if you’re about mixing old trends with those of today. Most of the material on this page is taken from celebrities’ street style.


Believe me when I say @v.ri0t is the true meaning of “picture-perfect.”

My last, but certainly not least, favorite fashion account on Instagram is the lovely @virgomood – and not only because I’m a Virgo.


This account’s appreciation of VINTAGE is what made me fall in love with it.

I first followed it when the user had a mere two thousand followers. Now the account has reached a massive 66 thousand! It’s growth has caught the attention of celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, who have liked its posts several times.


@virgomood is dedicated to reviving the best looks of runway fashion. The owner makes sure to include the date the photograph was taken, the brand the model was wearing, as well as the model’s name–which you can imagine would be difficult considering some photos date all the way back to 1953.


One more thing I adore about @virgomood is all the spam I’m hit with when I open the app. It’s a blessing to my eyes, really. I don’t want to sound overly dramatic when I say this is my favorite Instagram account of all time, but…this is my favorite Instagram account of all time.

What are some of your fave Instagram fashion accounts? Tag and link us below!


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