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Instagram Takeover: 100 Pieces of Perry

By Izeah Guiao

“100 Pieces of Perry”  featured fashion bloggers sharing photos of themselves on Instagram while wearing the 2016 fall collection. Perry Ellis chose up to 100 men to participate in this event, and challenged them to come up with their own personal designs.

This type of Instagram fashion show is similar to Fashion designer Misha Nonoo who showcased her collection in 2016 in a similar way.

Two pieces from the fall collection have really caught my attention. One styled by Ryan Clark and the other by James New York, both are influential men’s fashion writers.


Ryan was given the Color Block Cardigan Sweater for his piece. The blue tone his outfit follows is beautiful and the slight pop of contrast from his brown belt was a nice touch. The best part of this cardigan is the pattern. Part is the solid dark navy blue on the left shifting to the different layers on the right.



James was given the Textured Shawl Pullover Sweater to work with. I find this to be my favorite style of clothing from the entire collection. The sweater has a versatility that can be used for formal and casual events.

I have been a sucker for the Shawl Pullover style because of the unique look. Adding navy blue on top of that makes it a must grab for me.

The 100 pieces showcased by the online influencers are worth the buy. This fall collection has a lot of great looks that any guy can add to their wardrobe.


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